There are several factors that influence the cost of a wine , among them is the location of the vineyards, because climatic conditions affect the quality and taste of the grapes, and therefore the final product.

Besides the climate, grapes and maturation and aging time are also factors involved in the cost and if you are a lover of this drink, then we need to know q hat factors affect the price of the wine .

Unique brand

Wines that are produced from a single vineyard and are not made with grapes from different locations can affect the cost of the product, because it not only helps create a style to distinguish itself from other wineries, but it increases and enhances the quality of wines .

Also have been bottled in the winery which saw adds a positive contribution recognized in the price of wine to deliver increased brand reputation.

Location of the vineyards

That crop land are central to the growth of the vine sum greatly in quality but also in price. The recognition of wine regions as Bordeaux (France), Piedmont (Italy), Napa Valley (USA) or Mendoza (Argentina), to name a few, makes wines have great reputation.
Also in this region are also born designations of origin which are a great recognition for French wines , California wines, Argentinian wines , among others, and allows them to be classified.

Better crops, better wines

Regardless of the area of cultivation of vines, crops can be in some cases better and in other regulars. What influences the final product is the harvest, because they depend on weather conditions.

If the weather is cold or warm, wet or dry temperatures, crops can affect the taste and quality of the grape and, ergo, the wine. So while you have better crops will be developed best wines and prices may be modified as a result.

Other factors that influence the price

Obviously, the aging of wine is one of the factors that must be present when talking about the price of this drink, because the more years has meant not only taste better, but higher expenses and storage facilities.
• Make it an imported wine also modifies the final sales price for exchange rates and transportation costs.
• The sellers reputation or brand (as well as talk about the growing areas) influence the price increase, as there are other brands recognized for the quality of its wines.

Finally, the marketing of wine is critical in positioning the price because winemakers are also based on supply and demand for their products to maintain, increase or lower the cost of the wine bottles.