Inaugurate a new section: Restaurants in the world with this great British restaurant: Gordon Ramsay. Would you like to know?

When speaking of this prestigious restaurant is inevitable talk of the owner and chef Gordon Ramsay. Former Glasgow Rangers player, television showman with his successful Hell’s Kitchen (Hell’s Kitchen) and spaces with fine cuisine and … one of the best chefs in the world. Ramsay is energy in its purest form.

Opened in 1998 and located in Royal Hospital Road, 66 (Chelsea), this restaurant was the first of the Ramsay empire. Today it has three Michelin stars (one of only three restaurants in the UK with that number of stars) and is considered one of five best restaurants in the world.

In a minimalist, intimate, relaxed, with those soft touches of purple color of the mark, the restaurant and service invite you to enjoy the exquisite pleasure of his famous chef’s creations. The Gordon Ramsay is as famous (as well as its chef, obviously) for its menu of classic dishes of French inspiration. These dishes, as well as the rest of your letter, beautifully presented and elaborated.

And finally, some of their delicious dishes: Pate de foie stuffed with dried apple sauce, serving three perfectly cooked scallops with vinaigrette, crispy beef grouper served with mashed celery and artichoke hearts, tortellini of lobster, tenderloin sautéed venison with cabbage cream and bitter chocolate sauce.