The Nebbiolo grapes are grown in the wine region of Piedmont in Italy and also the wine of the same name, this grape variety produces some of the best Italian wines , among them is the wines Barolo and Barbaresco.

Regarding the characteristics of Nebbiolo wines , you can say it is a unique wine-tasting and incredibly complex and sweet flavor (to flowers and fruit).

Nebbiolo Wines

Nebbiolo grapes produce excellent wines, complex and well structured. Not for nothing are recognized internationally. Moreover, these grapes do not grow in warm places, but on the contrary, are grown in cool climate regions.

Wines made from this grape is known for its sweet fruit flavors such as blackberries, plums and cherries while their levels are very high acidity and strong tannins.

The Nebbiolo wines are ruby, you will not find one of these wines with an intense and imposing dark as Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon . This wine is in the glass has the impression of lightness and delicacy.

In the mouth, Nebbiolo wines are strong and powerful, have complex flavors and aromas found among roses, cherries, truffles, mints and even can be found tones of tar, snuff and leather.

It is a red wine that is best enjoyed when it is aged, the Nebbiolo that have 10, 15 or more years have a better flavor than those that can be found in various wine shops and supermarkets, as they are young wines.

Nebbiolo wine pairing

These are wines that can be paired well with meats and cheeses , and are excellent companions of Italian dishes including spicy beef with aged Parmesan cheese, as they are strongly flavored foods.

Foods that go well with a Nebbiolo wine are dishes with duck, beef liver, roast beef, kidneys, barbecues and cheeses like gorgonzola (Italian blue cheese) because the strong flavors are best maridan Nebbiolo wines.

Finally, I recommend pairing these wines with foods typical of Mexico, Italy and India, as they combine perfectly with the characteristics of Nebbiolo wines.

Now if you know this type of wine, we are open to hear your recommendations: if you know a good wine Nebbiolo, tell us about it.