Planning a Hassle-Free Disney Holiday

Planning a hassle-free Disneyland holiday is not easy but it can be done. Disneyland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world so thankfully there are many holiday packages to choose from and many packages have features designed specifically to keep your little ones happy. Virgin Atlantic Airlines, for example, shows Disney television shows […]

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Inaugurate a new section: Restaurants in the world with this great British restaurant: Gordon Ramsay. Would you like to know? When speaking of this prestigious restaurant is inevitable talk of the owner and chef Gordon Ramsay. Former Glasgow Rangers player, television showman with his successful Hell’s Kitchen (Hell’s Kitchen) and spaces with fine cuisine and […]

Mibu Restaurant

A tiny room 20 m2, a table for eight guests, and a unique exclusivity. This is the avant-garde restaurant Mibu, owned Hiroyoshi, Ishida, renowned Japanese chef. And it is trendy restaurant, situated in the fashionable Ginza district in Tokyo, is all the rage, despite its high cost, a few thousand euros per person. A booking […]

Lifestyle Tips from Peter Dorelli – The Jubilee

Mr. Dorelli, last year you were celebrating a major anniversary. You are a half-century bartender. What has changed in her life since then? My outfit at least not at 69 yet I wear Chucks and jeans. Also, my passion for cocktails is unbroken. Otherwise, the constant is change itself in my life I want to […]

Schumann’s, Munich

Schumann’s is a solid institution in Munich. For the last 20 years, the bar point for high society and connoisseurs alike. Charles Schumann is one of the elite of the German cocktail industry, was successfully sold worldwide, cocktail bar and the books speak for themselves. His secret to success? Perfectly mixed drinks – many of […]