The Saphire Lounge in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, The Saphire Lounge Martini Bar is the No. 1 in the district and Kollwitz in Berlin. More than 60 gins speak for themselves. Gin has been known as a colorless spirit with juniper flavor. But now there are gin – like its Russian counterpart, the vodka, even in premium quality. And the sapphires in the lounge. Martinilier Baroness of Charlotte in the bar tells me more about the wonderful concoctions of the famous Berlin bartender Ronald Hoppenheit. Gin Fizz Gin and Tonic are probably the most famous cocktails. And the cocktail of the legendary Martini. Movie stars and artists sipping cocktails martinis for decades, especially since the drink James Bond in the 60s helped to unforgettable world fame. The Saphire Lounge classical music is supplemented with “Moderna de Martini,” “Roman Martini” and “Smoke Islay Martini”. Experience a whole new taste experience.