The Department of Traffic City Council will award the first thousand registered on the Day of the Bicycle with tail lights. With the entry into force of new regulations, the use of these pilots, as well as the tail lights, it is mandatory for cycling at night and in poor visibility. according to Santos Ruiz, Chief of Local Police, the sanctions amount to thirty euros for those who breach this rule.

Following the entry into force, to amend the Road Safety Act in sanctioning, we have introduced several innovations. Among others, has characterized as minor infringements that the bikes do not carry lights and reflective when they move at night.

The Local Police Chief explained that within the city limits is required to use lights, a red LED behind and a white light in front, on the bikes for driving at night or at times of low visibility. Likewise, should be also a rear reflector.

For inter-city roads, the rider must be equipped with a vest or reflective clothing. Likewise, it is recalled that in almost all these pathways is required to wear helmets.

To promote compliance with the use of light and reflectors on bicycles traveling on the night from the Traffic Department has conducted an information campaign with the slogan “Make do and improve your safety”, aimed at users of these vehicles.

The local council has wanted to join this initiative through the Department of Traffic, who will give the rear lights required to the first thousand registered to participate in the events planned for Bike Day, to be held 6 December.

The justification of this measure is given as reciprocal discipline on the part of cyclists compared to the commitment and effort of the different cities to promote cycling, with the construction of bicycle lanes. Last year, 2,181 people were injured in bicycle accidents in urban areas, 13 of them died.