Pizza is a meal that was born in Italy according to who ensures their origin. Italian pizzas and a real pleasure, although in this case we will provide the steps necessary to make a pizza to the Brazilian. And especially in the region of Curitiba and surroundings, in the province of Parana, Brazil.The main food is the tomato, cooking will require 45 minutes and is very simple. In this case, prepare for 10 people.

Ingredient of the Brazilian Pizza:

* Flour
* Oil
* Yeast
* Water
* 2 large tomatoes
* Fried Tomatoes
* Onion
* Cheese
* Cooked Ham
* Oregano
* Maize
* Salt

Preparation of the Brazilian Pizza:

Step 1: To prepare the pizza dough on a table or flat surface disperse the flour mixture, water, oil and yeast. Mix well until dough is consistently strong and thick.

Step 2: We make a loaf of flour and let stand for 20 minutes for the yeast to take effect and increase its volume.

Step 3: Flatten the dough to form the model of the pizza.

Step 3: Put the pizzas in the oven for 20 minutes.

Step 4: For filling, in a pot of oil previously threw the onion cut into fine cubes, crushed tomatoes and seasonings. He threw the tomato sauce and all together on the pizza.

Step 5: Remove the pizza from the oven and add the ham, cheese, corn, oregano, and we put in the oven to melt the cheese.

So we will enjoy a delicious pizza to the Brazilian.