You are a good cook? Why not take advantage of your expertise by opening a catering business cottage. In addition, you can channel a hobby; your bag could also be a catering business through thick box on this one. But, before starting self catering cottages, its good first glance guide. Choose the type of rice catering business you run. Whether catering a special or general, such as Catering Wedding or other smaller events. Special Catering cottages rice means you can only presented for one particular event with special menus, for example, formal garden party or a party. While public catering is very flexible. It can be used for any moment. Hold a small survey to find out your competitors catering services. Find out also information about the price, food quality and presentation quality. The more information you can dig, the more mature you are also facing competition in a box lunch catering business. Calculate the cost of production. Make a comparison with the income you receive. Early so you do not you open a business catering services, create promotional. One way is by offering low prices for each Wedding Catering business, you do not need to consider the factor of location. Take advantage of a family member or friend to help you do business catering box lunch. Believe me; this one action could reduce production costs, than if you use the power of others where you have to pay if you are serious to open a catering business, why not you plan from now.