Cohiba is a brand name that originated in the Cuban land and today it has remained to be a high reputable cigar product all over the world. The cohiba cigars are a symbol of purity, originality, quality, and diplomacy. If you want to taste the true inspiration of the Cuban people, you can try cohiba brand. This is a cigar that is worthy its name, and it has grown to be a popular brand among those who want quality cigars.

Since there is a philosophy behind every ability to select a favorite cigar, for cohiba, it is simply a true brand that is designed from the finest tobacco leaves. These cigars come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and strength but all contain an exceptional flavor that does not overwhelm the smoker. This brand offers a recognizable and truly unique smoking experience to the users.

The quality of the cigars is evident in every puff and this is why the brand has been described as a world beyond every cigars. Like most quality cigar brands, the cohiba are made from a tobacco that cured, processed, fermented, and aged for a couple of years following its harvest. The flavor of the cigars improves as they age until they reach maturity.

The cigars come in different strength, as there are small milder cigars that can be smoked in the morning and the medium strength and sizes that are ideal for smoking in afternoon while the full-bodied sized cigars are savored after having your dinner. Some may feel that cigars go with certain facial and body types and others may suggest that cigars are smoked only when a smoker has the time to savor it to the fullest.

Whichever the reason one would smoke a cohiba, there is always a fulfilling experience from the brand. It is the world’s most loved premium brand and this can be symbolized by the fact that the cohiba cigars were originally made for the diplomats only.