Kampa Park Restaurant in Prague can perhaps be described as an independent seasonal classic. The location right on the Vltava bank is always classically beautiful, fulfilling the kitchen always noble and year round the terraces of the restaurant which, like the Charles Bridge are paved, its purpose: On New Year’s Eve you have here with the best views of the Charles Bridge and the most beautiful light show when the fireworks reflected in Moldavia. Kampa Park is considered a pioneer in the upscale Prague gourmet restaurants. It has been created by its location and a kitchen that makes no claims gourmet open an illustrious group of guests. Since Prague has become not only a popular tourist destination, but in recent years served as a backdrop for Hollywood movies, Cruise, Connery and co came to dine in the Kampa Park and many come back. Hillary Clinton raved at least from the culinary experience at Kampa Park: “I wanted our last night in Kampa Park to go on forever.”