If you would like to celebrate New Year with an unusual mix of DJ sounds extravagant food and live performances should go to Supper Club in Amsterdam cruise on board. Among the sexiest places for the New Year Supper Club cruise ranks right at the front: “Supper Club” stands for creative concepts, and stunning performances. 2003 saw the club is also a floating home. The boat “Supper Club cruise enthroned” in the port of Amsterdam and is home in his ship’s belly two exclusively designed Halls, “Le Bar Noir” and “La salle neige”. La Salle Neige is a huge white bed. Fed in is lying, while the Supper Club staff crosses the countryside on a pillow catwalk.
Even in the black and chrome, something disreputable atmosphere of Le bar noir culinary creations are presented through play. “There, all five senses. People can take it easy, everything is possible – and not mandatory, “said owner Bert van der Leden. The same goes for the New Year’s Eve. The house DJs promise a long night – full of surprises Supper Club.